Report a faulty ticket machine

If you come across a parking meter or ticket machine that is not working properly (for example, not taking money or not issuing a valid ticket) please report it to us immediately.

This would be a valid reason for us to cancel any parking infringement notice as a result of parking in the area.

How do you report a faulty ticket machine?

SMS us on 0488 555 500.


  • the machine/meter number
  • your vehicle registration.

You can also send a message from Telstra phone boxes. Be sure to enter a mobile phone number if you wish to receive an SMS confirmation.

What happens next?

When you report a problem, we are able to quickly investigate and repair the fault.

We will keep a record of the time, date, location, ticket machine number and the completed maintenance report. These details help us determine the outcome of parking infringement appeals  when a machine is out of order.

You are still obliged to observe time restrictions if a ticket machine or parking meter is faulty.