Your Councillors

Role of the Mayor

As defined by the Local Government Act 2020, the functions of the Mayor of a Council include:

  • chair Council meetings
  • be the principal spokesperson for the Council
  • lead engagement with the municipal community on the development of the Council Plan
  • report to the municipal community, at least once each year, on the implementation of the Council Plan
  • promote behaviour among Councillors that meets the standards of conduct set out in the Councillor Code of Conduct
  • assist Councillors to understand their role
  • take a leadership role in ensuring the regular review of the performance of the Chief Executive Officer
  • provide advice to the Chief Executive Officer when the Chief Executive Officer is setting the agenda for Council meetings
  • perform civic and ceremonial duties on behalf of the Council.

Role of Councillors

The role of a Councillor, is also defined by the Local Government Act 2020, as being to:

  • participate in the decision making of the Council
  • represent the interests of the municipal community in that decision making
  • contribute to the strategic direction of the Council through the development and review of key strategic documents of the Council, including the Council Plan.

In performing the role of a Councillor, a Councillor must:

  • consider the diversity of interests and needs of the municipal community
  • acknowledge and support the role of the Mayor
  • act lawfully and in accordance with the oath or affirmation of office
  • act in accordance with the standards of conduct
  • support the role of the Council
  • comply with Council procedures required for good governance.

Contacting Councillors

Maribyrnong City Council supports its community making contact with Councillors to discuss matters of interest or concern.  However, Council takes a firm stance of no tolerance towards any abusive or defamatory communication with Councillors.

If a member of the public communicates with Councillors in an inappropriate way, Council will contact the relevant authorities.