Business Energy Tips

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Simplifying Energy Efficiency for Your Business with Energy Tips

EnergyTips is an online resource that offers simple yet powerful ways to save energy and reduce costs for your business.

These tips not only help enhance the comfort of your workplace, but also provide a simple way to protect the environment and become more sustainable.

This tool is designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Whether you run a local shop or restaurant, manage a company or are a small manufacturer, these insights will help you cut your energy expenses and improve operational efficiency.

Businesses can find useful advice about buying energy efficient appliances like fridges, split systems, office appliances and more. There are also tips about how to make the spaces you work in more comfortable and use less power.

This initiative is a collaboration between the Western Alliance for Greenhouse Action and Geelong Sustainability. These organisations are committed to providing valuable insights and practical solutions to residents and businesses in Melbourne’s west.

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