Parking Infringement photos and details

If you have received a parking infringement you can view the details and photos of your vehicle online. This can help you choose what action to take to resolve your infringement.

You will need to enter the infringement number and the vehicle registration to view the details.

View details and photos now.  

Act now to avoid further costs

If no action is taken before the due date of your infringement, it will continue through the infringement process and additional costs will be incurred.

Frequently asked questions

Some useful information to assist you with viewing your infringement can be found below.

If you don't find the answer to your question below, you can call us on 9688 0200 to discuss.

Why is my search showing 'no results found'?

There are a number of possible reasons:

  • If you received the infringement today or yesterday, the officer’s photos may not have been loaded onto our system yet. This can take up to three days, after which time you should be able to search for photos.
  • If your infringement is more than 12 months old, the photos will no longer be available for viewing.

Otherwise, double check that you are correctly entering your infringement notice and vehicle registration number exactly as shown on the infringement.

Why can’t I see any photos?

Photos are not always taken by parking officers when issuing fines. If the infringement details (such as time, date, location) are showing without any photos, it is most likely that the officer has not taken any photos on this occasion.

Are officers required to take photos when issuing infringements?

Officers are not required to take photos by law. Therefore, an infringement remains valid if there are no photos or inconclusive photos (for example, a blurry photo or a photo taken after dark).

Photos are often taken to document the parking offence and assist with the subsequent review or prosecution of an infringement.

Whether photos are taken or not, officers conduct a thorough assessment before issuing an infringement, including checking the vehicle for a correctly displayed parking ticket or permit, checking the parking sign, and any applicable parking meters or ticket machines.

What if the vehicle in the photo is not mine?

If you believe there has been a case of mistaken identity, you’ll need to request a review and our team will look into it for you.

Are photos of my car allowed to be published online?

Viewing of the photos is restricted and requires both the infringement notice number and vehicle registration number to be correctly entered in order to view the photos. The photographs themselves have captured details that are available to the general public walking past your car in the street, such as the parking sign and your vehicle registration number. Other enforcement agencies around Australia also make their infringement-related photographs available online.

Why is the 'issue time' different from the 'offence time'?

The offence time is when the parking offence was deemed to have occurred. For example, if an officer arrives in an area at 10.05am, they might determine that a parking offence occurred at 10.06am after checking the vehicle and relevant parking sign. Similarly, if there is a parking sensor in the bay, it will accurately record the offence time after the time limit shown on the sign has ended.

The issue time is when the officer finished inputting all of the relevant information into their hand-held device and issued the infringement to the vehicle.

The colour, make or model of my car is incorrect. What should I do?

You don’t need to do anything. These are not details that need to be legally captured by parking officers, so any slight discrepancies (such as ‘maroon’ instead of ‘red’) will not impact the infringement.

I’ve lost my parking infringement. How can I find the details?

If you have lost your infringement and need the reference number to view it online, please call us on 9688 0200 and have your vehicle registration number handy.

How do I request an infringement review?

If you believe there are grounds to contest your infringement, you can request an infringement review

Privacy Statement

Why photos are recorded and how we keep them secure

As an enforcement agency, Maribyrnong City Council may collect photographs of vehicles that have received a parking infringement for breaching the Victorian Road Rules. This is done to document the offence and assist with the subsequent review or prosecution of an infringement. All reasonable steps are taken by officers to ensure that faces and other personal information is not captured in photographs.  

All information and photographs recorded on enforcement officers’ hand-held devices and are transferred to a secure environment at the end of their shift, wiping all information off the devices. These photographs, collected by Council for the purposes of law enforcement, are typically only accessible to staff who play a role in answering customer or council queries, conducting internal reviews, prosecuting matters at court, administering the infringement lifecycle or auditing officers’ collection of evidence. We have decided to extend this access to vehicle owners (or their authorised representative) to help them determine what action to take to resolve their infringement. The photographs will not be made available outside of these processes unless required or authorised by law.