Pay your rates

Quarterly payments for 2018/2019

  • 1st installment - due by 30 September 2018

  • 2nd installment - due by 30 November 2018

  • 3rd installment - due by 28 February 2019

  • 4th (and final) installment - due by 31 May 2019

Pay online

Pay through eservices

Pay through Post Billpay

Other payment options are outlined  on your rates notice.

If you are a pensioner, need assistance on budgeting, or are in financial hardship, we can help you. You have the option to pay in a way that is easier for you.

Set up direct debit

We can set monthly, quarterly or annual amounts to be paid automatically from your nominated bank account. Please note the transfer dates:

Annual payments - 30 September 2018 or the next business day.

Quarterly payments  -  Installment Due Dates or the next business day.

Monthly payments  -  First business day of each month.

For monthly payments, please contact us to discuss how much the monthly payment would be for you.

For monthly, quarterly or yearly payments, please complete Direct debit application form and submit to Council.

Your payments will be electronically transferred from your nominated bank account. Payments can only be deducted from a cheque or savings account..

Please ensure there are adequate funds on transfer dates.

Are you a pensioner?

You can apply for a pensioner rebate.

Are you having difficulty paying?

Please contact us immediately. We may be able to negotiate your repayment arrangements before you miss a payment.

Change of Address

Please complete the Change of Address Form(PDF, 185KB) to update your address details.