Bins and recycling

Last year, Council saved 7,428 tonnes of recycling and 2,153 tonnes of garden waste from going to landfill, but there is much more work to be done! Over 19,000 tonnes of material was still sent to landfill as waste.

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Download our free Bins and Recycling app to find out which items you can recycle and keep out of landfill using the three bin system. You can also find out the regular collection days for your kerbside bins, what goes in them, and how to reduce waste at home!

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What goes in my bin

Find out what waste items you can place in your recycling bin, your food and garden waste bin and your general waste bin below.  You will also find useful information about recycling options for all your household waste.

Recycling BinFood and Garden Waste BinLandfill Bin
What goes in your recycling bin?
What goes in your food and garden waste bin?
What goes in your general waste bin?

Bin calendar

A-Z guide

Where to recycle

Waste reduction programs

Find out how you can take action to reduce your waste at home through our different waste reduction program, like:

  • The composting community
  • Electrical and clothing waste
  • Waste education visits for schools
  • Detox your home - free chemical drop off program.

Waste reduction programs

Hard rubbish collections

Council provides one free hard rubbish collection service per property each calendar year which you must book in advance. We collect up to 2m3 of combined hard and metal waste, and up to 4m3 of green waste per collection. Additional collections may be booked for a fee.

Please ensure that you read the rules about hard rubbish collections before you book, as hard rubbish will not be collected if you do not observe the rules.

If we don't take your hard rubbish items you will be left a knock back notice in your letterbox to explain why. In these circumstances you will need to make another booking and pay the fee again. Council does not reimburse anyone found to be in breach of the hard rubbish collection rules.

Book a collection


If you would like to apply for an additional bin, request a repair to a bin, report a missed rubbish collection, or if you can't locate your bin and want a replacement, you can use one of our easy online forms.

Please note that some waste services can have an associated cost. These are explained on the form if costs are applicable.

Visit the Forms for bins and waste services page



 To help protect our environment and recover more precious resources, the Victorian Government banned all e-waste from going to landfill as of 1 July 2019. That means, e-waste can’t go in any bin.

Council provides seven drop off hubs across the municipality so that residents can recycle their e-waste and save them from going to landfill.

You can also book a free home collection of electrical and clothing items using the Thread Collect Service.

 Find our more here

Information for apartments and multi-unit dwellings

If you live in an apartment, unit, or a property with multiple residences, your bin and waste management services (including hard rubbish collections) may be arranged on your behalf by the Owners Corporation or Building Manager.

Residents of multi dwelling complexes of 10 or more residences should not contact Council to arrange individual hard rubbish collections.

Please contact your Owners Corporation or Building Manager who can inform you of the way waste services are managed for your complex, including hard rubbish. This ensures that a coordinated approach is taken to waste management for your building.

Plastic recycling rules

Find out what types of plastic can go into your recycling bin.

 Plastic recycling rules

Bin rules

Bins out

Bins must be out by 5.30am on the day of collection. You must place your bins on the kerb or on the nature strip half a metre apart, and allow one metre at either end to allow for safe collection. It is important that bins do not block driveways or footpaths.

bin position graphic.JPG

We recommend that you put your bins out the night before collection after 6pm, to allow for peak traffic and pedestrian flows to subside.

If your bin is not put out on time, or if they are not placed appropriately, your rubbish will not be collected until your next scheduled collection service.

Bins In

Bins should be returned to properties by 6pm on the day of collection to keep your street clear of obstacles.