Property Sale, Transfer and Acquisition Policy

Maribyrnong City Council is the custodian of land on behalf and for the benefit of its community. This land includes property owned by Council, Crown Land where Council is Committee of Management and land leased or licensed by Council for identified purposes.

Council is committed to managing its land holdings so that municipal benefit is maintained and recognises it has responsibility to ensure this land is used, retained, maintained and disposed of in a manner that best meets the interests of past, current and future residents of the municipality.

The Property Sale, Transfer and Acquisition Policy has been developed with a number of principles to ensure that there is sustainable management of Council’s assets and to maximise the community benefit arising from its property use.

Discontinuance and Sale of Roads

Maribyrnong City Council has the authority to discontinue roads and rights of way in the municipality and the subsequent sale of the land where Council forms the view that the road or right of way is no longer reasonably required for public use.

The discontinuance and sale of roads is carried out according to the provisions of Clause 3 of Schedule 10 of the Local Government Act 1989.

The process involves preliminary investigations and subsequent statutory requirements, including a public notice and consideration by Council of any submissions received during the public notice process. This process can take up to twelve months.

A copy of the Property Sale, Transfer and Acquisition Policy is available for download below.

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