Apply for a pensioner rebate on rates

If you hold a pensioner concession card or a Veteran Affairs card, you are eligible to receive a rebate on your rates.

How much is the rebate?

The rebate amount is reviewed each financial year in line with Council adopting its annual budget and is subject to annual Consumer Price Index adjustments.

The current maximum pensioner rebate is $532.80 which comprises of:

  • $259.50 State Government Municipal Rate Concession
  • $223.30 Council approved pensioner concession
  • $50.00 State Revenue Office Fire Services Property Levy concession.

Applications must be made to Council by submitting the municipal rates concession application form.

Fire Service Property Levy concession

Qualified card holders are also entitled to a $50 rebate against the Fire Service Property Levy.

Are you eligible?

The property must be your principal place of residence. You must also hold a pensioner concession card, or:

  • Gold Repatriation Health Card - Permanently Incapacitated (TPI)
  • Gold Repatriation Health Card - War Widow (WW)
  • Department of Veteran Affairs POW and EDA cards.

If you have recently become a pensioner, you will need to apply to receive the rebates.

How to apply for the pensioner rebate

Complete and sign the municipal rates concession application form and submit to Council by email, post, or in person at the Town Hall.

Please include a photocopy of the front and the back of your pension card.

Pensioner defered rates

In some cases, we can make arrangements for eligible pensioners to defer their rate payments. Please contact us to discuss.