Building or renovating?

Before you undertake any works on your property or change the way you use it, please consider whether permits are required.

 Common planning permits

See other permits you may need.

Heritage properties

If a heritage overlay applies to your property, you may have additional permit requirements in order to help preserve the unique character of the area.

What controls apply to your property?

Every property has a set of planning controls that specify when a permit is required. Different controls apply to different properties, so it’s important to understand which apply to yours.

Report and consent

If you want to stray from building regulations in designing your new build or extension, you will need to submit  Part-5-Siting-Application-Form-for-Report-and-Consent.pdf

This includes building over an easement, or closer to your boundary line.

Have you got tradespeople in?

Make logistics a little easier by applying for a tradesperson parking permit.

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