Dogs Off-Lead Parks and Reserves

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The Domestic Animals Act 1994 requires all dog owners and people in charge of a dog to ensure the dog is securely confined on a lead in public, unless the area specifically states it is a dog off-lead area.

While visiting one of our dog off-lead areas you must be a responsible pet owner and pick up after your dog.  To find out more visit our Responsible Pet Ownership page.

There are 12 designated dog off-lead areas within the City of Maribyrnong which are listed below.

  • Braybrook Park
  • Chifley Drive Reserve
  • Cranwell Reserve
  • Cruickshank Park
  • Footscray Park
  • Hansen Reserve
  • Martin Reserve
  • McIvor Reserve
  • Scovell Reserve
  • Thompson Reserve
  • Village Green
  • Yarraville Gardens

To find a designated dog off-lead area that's right for you and your dog, click the running dog icon to view park details.

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Dog Signage

We've made doing the right thing with your dog easy with clear and easy to understand signage in our parks and reserves.  Below are some of the images relating to dogs that you will see in our parks and reserves.

Dogs Off Lead

The image of the running dog indicates a designated off-lead area.  Dogs must be supervised at all times when off-lead.

Dogs On Lead

Dogs on-lead areas are identified by the image of the walking dog that is clearly on a lead.

Dogs Clean Up After
In all areas of all parks and reserves, dog owners/handlers must clean up after their dogs.

Information for dog owners/handlers

When dogs are off-lead it is the responsibility of the owner/handler to:

  • Observe park signage at all times in all parks, gardens, reserves and other public open spaces.
  • Clean up after dogs.
  • Carry a chain, cord or leash and be able to bring their dog under effective control if the dog behaves in a manner which causes any person or animal to feel threatened or worried.
  • Remain in effective voice or hand control of their dog so that the dog can be brought under effective control should it become necessary.
  • Ensure that dogs do not cause worry or threaten any person or animal.

When dogs are on-lead it is the responsibility of the owner/handler to:

  • Clean up after their dog.
  • Ensure that the dog is under effective control of the owner/handler by means of a chain, cord, or leash no longer than three metres which is held by the owner/handler and attached to the dog.

Any breach of the above provisions can result in an infringement notice being issued.

Dogs on sporting grounds

Under no circumstances are dogs permitted to enter onto sports grounds when booked sports training or matches are taking place.

Dogs in playgrounds

Under no circumstances are dogs permitted to enter playground areas without being on a lead.  Dogs that are off-lead are not permitted to be within 30 metres of any playground area.

More information

If you require assistance or further information please contact us by phoning 9688 0200 or send us an email to