Amendment C163 - Permanent protection of significant trees

Amendment C163 to the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme proposes to apply permanent protection controls for trees on our Significant Tree Register.

The register has been established to protect significant trees, recognising the vital role they play in enhancing our City’s environment, natural habitat of wildlife and the amenity and character of our neighbourhoods.

 About the amendment

The amendment proposes to introduce a control called the Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO) on a permanent basis. It would apply to properties with trees on the register and neighbouring properties in the Tree Protection Zone (canopy and root area).

Under the ESO, a planning permit is required to remove, destroy or lop a significant tree or construct in the Tree Protection Zone.

An interim ESO is currently in place to safeguard the trees during the amendment process for permanent controls. It was approved through Amendment C165 and expires on 7 March 2022.

 What changes are proposed to the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme?

Amendment C163 proposes to:

  • Amend Clause 21.05 (Environment and Landscape Values) to include a new objective and strategies to protect and enhance significant trees.
  • Amend Clause 21.12 (Reference Documents) to include the 'Maribyrnong Significant Tree Register (2019)' as a reference document in the planning scheme.
  • Introduce a permanent tree protection control by inserting Schedule 2 to the ESO and applying it to properties in the Tree Protection Zones of trees identified as significant on the register.
  • Remove the interim tree protection control by deleting Schedule 3 to the ESO and removing it from affected properties.

You can view the proposed amendment documents via the links below. 

Current status (updated September 2020)

Public consultation (exhibition) of the amendment  was held 26 June to 6 August 2020. Thank you to everybody who made a submission.

Council considered submissions at its meeting on 15 September 2020 and decided to refer all submissions to an independent Planning Panel for review. 

The role of a Panel is to provide submitters an opportunity to be heard in an independent forum in an informal, non-judicial manner and give independent advice to Council and the Minister for Planning about the proposed amendment. 

It is anticipated the Panel Hearing will be held early 2021. Further updates will be provided on this webpage when the panel is confirmed. 

You can read Council's report on the submissions and find out more about Planning Panels in the links below. 

More information

You can view the draft register, significant trees and proposed amendment documents by following the links below.

If you have questions, please contact Council's Strategic Planning team on 9688 0200 or email