Employment opportunities

To view current opportunities, or to read more about employment conditions at Council, visit our Employment Opportunities site.

We encourage people with a community focus and values of respect, courage and integrity to come and join us.

We are an equal opportunity employer

We encourage young people, people with disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people from culturally diverse backgrounds to apply for positions with us.

We have broad expertise on staff

We employ staff in a wide variety of professions, such as:

  • childcare and youth workers
  • building inspectors
  • environmental health officers, including food safety and animal management
  • librarians
  • pool lifeguards
  • registered maternal and child health nurses
  • urban planners and city design.

See our organisational structure.

We provide a rewarding workplace

We offer flexible employment conditions to help our staff have a rewarding work/life balance. This can include:

  • regular accrued days off, and time in lieu arrangements
  • flexible work hours, with support for childcare outside normal hours
  • working from home arrangements
  • 16 weeks paid maternity and adoption leave, or three weeks paid paternity and adoption leave
  • cultural, ceremonial and religious leave, emergency services leave, eldercare and pre-natal leave, sporting representation leave
  • part-time and job share arrangements
  • phased retirement program.

We help our staff grow

To help us meet community needs, we encourage our staff to improve and update their professional knowledge and skills and provide them with career development and growth opportunities. This helps us to retain our highly skilled and committed staff.