Local Laws

The Local Government Act 1989 provides for Council to make local laws which remain in effect for a period of ten years, unless revoked sooner by Council.  The City of Maribyrnong has two such local laws, namely the General Purposes Local Law 2015, and the Governance Local Law 2011 which incorporates by reference the Maribyrnong City Council Meeting Procedure.

The purpose and objective of each of Council's local laws are outlined below.

General Purposes Local Law 2015

The purpose of Maribyrnong City Council's General Purposes Local Law 2015 is to provide for the peace, order and good government of the municipal district by managing, regulating and controlling activities and uses on any land to:

  1. promote a physical and social environment free from hazards to health or public safety, in which the residents of the municipal district can enjoy a quality of life that meets the general expectations of the community.
  2. prevent and suppress nuisances which may adversely affect the enjoyment of life within the municipal district or the health, safety and welfare of persons within the municipal district.
  3. prohibit, regulate and control activities or behaviour which may be dangerous, or detrimental to the quality of life and the environment of the municipal district or which could compromise public safety, Council land or assets.
  4. provide processes and requirements that complement Council Policies, guidelines or other documents incorporated by reference in the Local Law.
  5. provide for the administration and enforcement of the Local Law.

A copy of the General Purposes Local Law 2015 can be downloaded below.

Governance Local Law 2011

The objectives of the Governance Local Law 2011 are to:

  1. provide a mechanism to facilitate the good government of Maribyrnong City Council through its formal meeting procedure, to ensure effective and efficient Council decisions are made in a manner which promotes the effectiveness of local government in Maribyrnong and within the Australian system of Government.
  2. promote and encourage community leadership by Maribyrnong City Council consistent with the community’s views and expectations.
  3. promote and encourage community participation in local government by providing opportunities for direct access to the Council’s decision making processes.
  4. protect the integrity of the Council’s Common Seal and describe when it may be affixed to a document.
  5. regulate and govern the use of Council's Common Seal, the procedure for the election of Mayor and any Deputy Mayor, and the way in which meetings of the Council and Special Committees are conducted.

A copy of the Governance Local Law 2011 can be downloaded below.

Meeting Procedure

The purposes of the Meeting Procedure is to prescribe the way Council and Special Committee meetings are conducted, to ensure orderly and efficient meetings and, as a document incorporated in Council's Governance Local Law 2011, to support the Council in achieving the objectives in the Governance Local Law 2011.