Heritage Overlay

The heritage overlay can apply to a single property, a whole street or an entire neighbourhood, and seeks to ensure alterations to older properties and new builds do not adversely affect the area’s significance, character and appearance.

Heritage Controls

To help protect our city’s history and cultural significance, specific planning controls are applied to individual heritage sites and areas.

How do you find out if your property is affected by a Heritage Overlay?

A Planning Property Report states the relevant overlays that apply to a property. A Planning Property Report can be obtained from the State Government.


Heritage Incorporated Document - Permit Exemptions

Amendment C147 introduced the Heritage Incorporated Document into the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme. This document provides permit exemptions for minor works to properties affected by the Heritage Overlay, such as minor demolition to the rear of a dwelling, single storey additions to the rear, pergolas, verandahs, sheds and fences. 

The Heritage Incorporated Document and a summary document are available at the bottom of this webpage. If you are unsure if an exemption may apply to your house please contact the Urban Planning Team. 

Double Storey Additions to Heritage Houses

Guidelines have been prepared for double storey additions to houses subject to the Heritage Overlay. The guidelines, available at the bottom of this page, provide advice on appropriate approaches for alterations and additions to houses, in particular to assist with additions to single storey houses on smaller blocks.

For more information on heritage and your property, contact the Urban Planning team on 9688 0200 or at: urbanplanning@maribyrnong.vic.gov.au