Dalmahoy Street, Footscray Improvement Works Complete

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Dalmahoy Streetscape improvements are complete making Footscray a greener and better place to walk and shop.  Dalmahoy Street has been transformed into a 10km/h shared pedestrian and vehicle zone with eleven new trees.

The low speed shared space is emphasised through the new kerbless layout which uses new tree planting, bluestone details, stainless steel bollards and a narrow driving lane to encourage slower vehicular movement in the street.  The street lighting has also been increased to encourage pedestrian use of the space.

The new Tuckaroo trees planted along Dalmahoy Street provide greenery and traffic calming.  The trees will also provide greated shade, air filtration and cooling as they mature.  The design of the street includes passive irrigation to the trees which will assist in reducing storm water runoff into storm drains and provide water to the trees.  Council is trialling a new rock pit design for these tree pits and utilising bio-char and compost in the soil mix.  

The kerbless shared street design will assist pedestrians navigating around bins on servicing days.  The west side of the street has a larger area to accommodate bin servicing adjacent to the driving lane and allows for an unimpeded walking area adjacent to the building line.  On the east side of the street the design allows for small bin storage against the buildings on pick up days.  council has created an environment which places pedestrians first and allows pedestrians to utilise the full street area as well as walk within a vehicle free unimpended zone along the western wall.  

To further improve pedestrian safety a raised intersection and new zebra marked pedestrian crossing was constructed at Byron Street.  

We encourage you to access Footscray on foot and hope you enjoy the improvements and greening of Dalmahoy Street.

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