Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) Study

Ensuring our roads and road networks are safe, accessible and meet the needs of the community is a priority for Council. To assist this, each year we undertake a study to identify existing traffic and road safety issues and develop recommendations to improve safety, access and amenity, and encourage walking and cycling at a defined location within the municipality.

Our objectives for a typical LATM study is to support a transport system which is convenient, safe, equitable and sustainable, which can be achieved by:
•    Improving the pedestrian environment and linkages
•    Improving opportunities for cycling
•    Advocate to State agencies in terms of improvements in public transport connectivity and arterial road safety upgrades
•    Minimise freight impact by directing trucks onto efficient arterial routes away from residential areas
•    Reduce dependencies on private vehicles over time with better travel choices.

This is known as a Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) Study. The result of the LATM Study is a Traffic Management Plan (TMP). It outlines the road safety concerns identified during the collection of raw data and from resident feedback during the Study, and highlights the actions Council intends to take to mitigate the risks to improve road safety and accessibility.

Eight neighbourhoods within the City of Maribyrnong have been identified for LATM studies over an eight year period between 2017 and 2024/25. Click on the links below for more information about the LATM Study in your area, or view the image below which outlines the upcoming study areas.


2017/18 - West Footscray (north)

The TMP for West Footscray (north) was developed in 2017/18. Click here(PDF, 844KB) to download a copy of the West Footscray (north) TMP.

2018/19 – Kingsville and West Footscray (south)

The TMP for Kingsville and West Footscray (south) was developed in 2018/19. Click here(PDF, 502KB) to download a copy of the Kingsville and West Footscray (South) TMP.

2019/20 – Footscray (west)

The TMP for Footscray (west) was developed in 2019/20. Click here(PDF, 669KB) to download a copy of the Kingsville and West Footscray (south) TMP.

2020/21 – Braybrook (south)

The TMP for Braybrook (south) was developed in 2020/21. Click here to download a copy of the Braybrook (south) TMP.(PDF, 852KB)