Maribyrnong Public Toilet Plan 2019-2029


Council will be delivering 10 new public toilets across the City in the next ten years with the adoption of the Maribyrnong Public Toilet Plan 2019-2029 (the Plan). 

The objective of the Plan is to ensure that the most popular parks and public spaces within the City have an equitable provision of public toilets that are accessible to all.

Public toilets make an important contribution to the liveability of the City by supporting the health and wellbeing of residents and visitors participating in leisure and shopping activities.

The Plan focuses on the provision of toilets in spaces that support extended stays. This will include key regional and municipal open spaces where amenities such as barbecues, park shelters and large playgrounds attract family groups. Similarly, in activity centres where it can be demonstrated that a high proportion of visitors come from outside the City for a diverse range of experiences and services, such as central Footscray.

The location and delivery (in order) of the new toilets are listed below.

  1. Hansen Reserve, West Footscray
  2. Grimes Reserve, Footscray
  3. Cruickshank Park, Yarraville
  4. Seddon Village, Seddon
  5. Yarraville Gardens, Yarraville
  6. Cranwell Park, Braybrook
  7. Quarry Park, Maribyrnong
  8. Johnson Reserve, West Footscray
  9. Dobson Reserve, Maidstone
  10. Robert Barrett Reserve, Maribyrnong

For more details on the above list please refer to the Plan which is available for download below.

Upcoming Works

New public toilet at McNish Reserve - works starting late May 2021

Preliminary works will include installation of service connection to the new toilet site (water, power and sewer).  The toilet will be the same type as the one installed at Hansen Reserve in 2020.