Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure Policy 2020

Smart City EV Charging Policy

Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure Policy 2020

Maribyrnong City Council is committed to improving sustainability and transport connectivity in our City.  Facilitating the transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs), including convenient access to EV charging infrastructure, plays a significant role in meeting this commitment.  

Council endorsed an Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure Policy (the Policy) in 2020 to address the growing demand for public access EV chargers.  

The Policy addresses the opportunities for EV charging infrastructure, encouraging, enabling and guiding the installation of EV infrastructure across our city. The Policy considers EV infrastructure impacts on various scenarios including:

  • Private residences
  • Existing commercial/industrial premises
  • New developments
  • Public spaces and places.

EV Infrastructure Opportunities

Council is currently exploring options for modernising their vehicle fleet, which may include increasing EV numbers.  To support EV fleet vehicles, Council will consider the integration of EV charging infrastructure at new and existing Council buildings.

While Council does not have an allocated budget for investing in, or subsidising, EV charging infrastructure, private sector investment opportunities will be assessed to provide accessible EV charging infrastructure in public spaces.

A copy of the Policy can be downloaded below.