Citizenship ceremonies

The final step in the journey to become an Australian citizen, for most people, is to make the Australian Citizenship Pledge at an Australian citizenship ceremony. Once your application has been approved by the Department of Home Affairs (the Department), you will be invited by the Department to attend a ceremony held at your local council offices.

Citizenship ceremonies are special events. They fulfill requirements under Australian citizenship law and provide an opportunity to welcome new citizens as members of the Australian community.

Ceremony venue, dates and times

Maribyrnong City Council does not allocate dates for citizenship ceremonies.  If you are wanting to enquire about the date of your citizenship ceremony you must contact the Department directly.


All citizenship ceremonies are held in the Reception Room, Level 1, Maribyrnong Council Offices corner Hyde and Napier Streets, Footscray.  View map.

Dates and times

The health and wellbeing of our community and our employees is our priority.  With this in mind Council is currently conducting citizenship ceremonies online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are selected by the Department of Home Affairs to attend an online citizenship ceremony you will be contacted by a Council officer who will provide you with further details.

If you would like to enquire about a date for your ceremony, or to discuss if an online citizenship ceremony is right for you, please contact the Department of Home Affairs.

City of Maribyrnong Citizenship Ceremony Dress Code

Attendees at citizenship ceremonies are encouraged to wear smart, casual attire which reflects the significance of the occasion.

National/traditional/cultural dress is welcomed to be worn, however the following should not be worn at citizenship ceremonies:

  • Beach wear including swimwear of any kind.
  • Rubber thongs.
  • Slippers.
  • Singlets or tank tops.
  • Nightwear.
  • Shirts and jackets containing offensive motifs.
  • Sports or training apparel.
  • Overly torn clothing items.

Appropriate footwear must be worn by all attendees.  Attending a citizenship ceremony with bare feet is not acceptable.

Attendees in breach of the City of Maribyrnong Citizenship Ceremony Dress Code may be requested to remove themselves from the venue until the ceremony concludes. 


Registrations open 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the ceremony on the ground floor.  Participants are required to register with Council and the Australian Electoral Commission prior to the ceremony.

Who can I contact about the dates of my citizenship ceremony?

The Department allocates dates for citizenship ceremonies to applicants of Australian Citizenship. Maribyrnong City Council does not have any input into the allocation of citizenship ceremony dates.

For enquiries relating to the date of your citizenship ceremony, or for general enquiries, please contact the Department directly via the link below.

How many guests can I bring?

Your family and friends and welcome to join you to celebrate this special event, however due to venue limitations a maximum of two may only be permitted into the venue to watch the ceremony.

If you would like to have more than two guests attend to view the ceremony please contact us to make arrangements if possible.

How long does a citizenship ceremony take?

Citizenship ceremonies take one hour, however those becoming citizens on the night should allow sufficient time to register their attendance prior to the ceremony. Registration with the Australian Electoral Commission is also required on the night.

Registrations commence 30 minutes prior to the ceremony on the ground floor of the Maribyrnong Council Offices. Council officers will be in attendance to provide direction and general assistance where required.

What to bring with you.

You will not be able to obtain citizenship on the night if you are not able to produce the appropriate identification as follows:

  • Your letter of invitation sent to you by the Department.
  • Photographic identification (such as your passport or drivers licence).

If you are unable to provide photographic identification you will need to bring at least three different documents which contain your name, address and/or signature. At least two of these must be on the identification you produce (such as credit card, bills for utilities or bank statements).