Heritage plans and studies

Maribyrnong is one of a kind in its combination of residential, industrial and natural heritage sites.

We have many heritage buildings, industrial and archaeological sites, parks and other places. These heritage sites show different phases of the city’s development, from Aboriginal times to early European settlement and the later influence of the manufacturing and defence industries.

We are protecting what makes us unique

Our Heritage plan(PDF, 571KB) (adopted 2002) protects important natural and cultural heritage places within the municipality for the active use and appreciation of future generations.

  • We list and seek legal protection for heritage places to protect them from negative impacts of change.
  • We provide help and advice to property owners and other people responsible for caring for heritage places
  • We research and document heritage places.
  • We work with community and government organisations to co-ordinate conservation efforts.

Heritage studies

To help protect our city’s history and cultural significance, Council has commissioned a number of heritage plans and studies to identify individual heritage sites and areas.

Historic Places Study (2000-2001)

Volume 1 - Project Methods and Results(PDF, 515KB)

An overview of the project including identification and assessment of significant places, and recommendations on their protection.

Volume 2 - Environmental History in the City of Maribrynong(PDF, 190KB)

The historical context of development within the City of Maribrynong.

Volume 3 - Industrial places in the City of Maribrynong(PDF, 856KB)

Identified or potential heritage places of an industrial nature. The report includes detailed place reports for industrial places.

Volume 4 - Non Industrial places in the former City of Sunshine(PDF, 702KB)

Identified heritage places within Maribyrnong, Maidstone, Braybrook and Tottenham

Volume 5 - Urban conservation areas and individual places in the former City of Footscray(PDF, 3MB)

 Heritage precincts and individual places in Footscray, West Footscray, Kingsville and Yarraville.

Volume 6 – Significant Trees in the City of Maribyrnong(PDF, 1MB)

 Detailed heritage assessment of significant trees or tree groups within the City of Maribyrnong.

Volume 7 – Research on additional places identified in Volume 5(PDF, 167KB)

Detailed heritage assessment of some of the individual places of significance identified in Volume 5.

Heritage Database Online

To find out more about the City of Maribyrnong’s many heritage places a database of Statement of Significance, and information about history, physical descriptions and photographs of places included in the Heritage Overlay is available on the Maribyrnong Heritage Database.


Archaeological Management Plan

The Archaelogical Management Plan(PDF, 7MB) details early post-contact archaeological sites in the City of Maribyrnong. It was was prepared by Iain Stuart (HLA-Envirosciences Pty Ltd) in 2000.

Natural Heritage Study

The Natural Heritage Study(PDF, 5MB) details places of natural heritage in the City of Maribyrnong  Prepared by Adam Muir, Sarah Way, Darren Quin (Ecology Australia P/L) and Neville Rosengren (Environmental Geosurveys Pty Ltd) in 1999.

Other studies are available at Maribyrnong Libraries

  • Aboriginal Heritage Study (1999). Prepared by David Rhodes (now with Terra Culture Consultants), Taryn Debney, Mark Grist (Biosis Research Pty Ltd).
  • City of Footscray Urban Conservation Study Volumes 1-4 (1989). Prepared by Graeme Butler for Footscray City Council.
  • Western Region Industrial Heritage Study (1989). Prepared by Gary Vines.
  • Yarraville Village Enhancement Project, Parts 1-3 (1990). Prepared by Trevor Westmore for Footscray City Council.

Printed copies are available at all Maribyrnong Libraries.

Other useful documents

These documents are the reference documents for Built Environment and Heritage under Clause 21.06 of the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme.

  • Australian ICOMOS Inc, The Burra Charter, (The Australia ICOMOS Charter for Places of Cultural Significance) (1999)
  • Biosis Research, Aboriginal Heritage Study, Maribyrnong City Council (2001)
  • Ecology Australia Pty Ltd & Environmental Geosurveys Pty Ltd, Natural Heritage Study, (2001)
  • Heritage Victoria, The Heritage Overlay: Guidelines for Assessing Planning Permit Application, (draft 2007)
  • HLA-Envirosciences Pty Ltd, Archaeological Management Plan: Early Post Contact Sites, (2001)