Our Heritage Plan


The story of the City of Maribyrnong is found in its people and places. It’s a rich story of diversity, shaped by our First Nations Peoples, European settlers and successive waves of immigration.

It’s been a hub of industry, a place of natural beauty and a home for a vibrant community with cultures, traditions and history that continue to attract interest locally and internationally.

We all play an important role in identifying, conserving and promoting our City’s heritage. Heritage includes elements like historical buildings, streetscapes, collections, natural features and archaeological sites, as well as unseen heritage such as cultural practices, stories and traditions.

Until now,  our work has been guided by the Maribyrnong Heritage Plan(PDF, 571KB) published in 2002. However, a lot has changed in the 20 years since it was written, including significant population growth, changes in the economy and the environment, as well as technological advancements.

It's time for an update

We are reviewing how we identify, protect and promote our history and heritage. Community engagement was held in May 2022 and we are currently reviewing feedback received.  This was the first step in our process and we will be presenting an Issues and Opportunities paper for further discussion later this year.