Access to safe and affordable solar power installation now available

Published on 05 June 2020


Residents in the City of Maribyrnong now have access to safe, quality and affordable solar and battery installations through the Solar Savers program.

 The Solar Savers program offers an affordable way for local residents to reduce their energy bills and future proof against increasing energy costs, while reducing their climate impact at the same time, with free energy assessments and options for low-interest loans for some residents.  

With more people currently at home, the benefits of installing solar right now are increasing. With a solar system, the energy you create is used by your home before any excess is fed back into the electricity grid. Being at home during the day means that you can use the solar you produce when the solar panels are most productive. By using your own solar electricity, you save more money than you would be paid if you fed it back into the grid. This can substantially cut your energy bills.  

Through Solar Savers, residents can register and receive a free home energy assessment, conducted without anyone needing to come inside your house. An expert remote assessment of your home’s energy needs will help design a tailored solar and/or battery proposal for you. A solar expert from the program will then contact you with the details and you can discuss the options that suit you and your home best.

The program also includes options for low-interest loans for pensioners and low income cardholders, to help cover costs of installing the system. Residents may also be eligible to access the Victorian Government Solar Rebate.

The solar industry has adapted in response to the current pandemic and is continuing to install residential solar, while prioritising the health and safety of workers, customers and the community. The majority of solar and/or battery installations occur outside the home and, on the occasion where installers do need to enter the home, personal protective equipment is used, and physical distancing ensured, to keep you and the worker safe.

The Solar Savers program is one way that Council is helping residents to reduce their impact on the climate. It supports Council’s acknowledgement that we are in a state of climate emergency and helps us to be a clean, healthy city that continues to reduce emissions.

The Solar Savers program is led by the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action and the Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action and is proudly supported by Maribyrnong City Council and nine other local Councils.

Please visit the website for more information.

Message from the Mayor, Cr Sarah Carter

The Solar Savers program is a positive initiative that gives eligible residents across our municipality access to affordable and clean energy options that minimise impact on our climate, while reducing their home energy bills at the same time. Council is proud to be part of this great program.

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