Annual Tree Planting Program underway for 2020

Published on 04 June 2020

Council’s annual Tree Planting Program is currently underway with over 3,000 new trees being planted across the municipality between April and September. Open spaces in our City receiving these new trees include residential streets and business districts, parks and playground areas, and reserves.  

Street trees are a valuable community asset that not only contribute to the health of our community and City, but also have a range of environmental benefits and add character by defining neighbourhoods and important boulevards. Street tree benefits include helping to reduce summer temperatures through canopy cover, reducing storm water run-off, providing habitat for local wildlife, and capturing airborne pollutants.

“It’s great to see all of these new trees in our community,” said Braybrook resident Awse Abdul. “Planting trees in our environment is like creating a new life as a single tree can be home to hundreds of insects and plants, like fungi and moss. We all agree that planting trees in our environment benefits the climate, air, animals and earth, but they are also incredibly important for human health. Humans have a deep need for trees and having the ability to get outside in the fresh air and be around these new trees is great.”

A combination of native and exotic trees that are resilient and adapt well to urban environments are being planted throughout the municipality. These trees will eventually provide green canopy cover and are within Council’s Urban Forest Strategy framework.  

Once a tree is planted, it will be watered and maintained over the following two years. This process ensures that each tree is given the best chance to survive and establish well, before becoming part of the landscape. Trees that are damaged, vandalised or decline throughout the two year establishment program are replaced.  

Tree Planting Program runs annually from April to September, as the cooler months provide the perfect conditions for planting as it’s easier to maintain soil moisture while the plants establish in their new home. Trees planted in the 2020 Program are identifiable by a green tipped tree stake, while trees planted in 2019 can be identified by blue tipped stakes and those planted in the 2018 Program identified by a red tipped stake.

The Urban Forest Strategy establishes the framework for the coordinated long term planning and management of the City’s street tree population. It helps residents, local businesses and developers understand the value of the street tree network and Council’s vision for a greener, more liveable City.

For more information about our Urban Forest Strategy, please visit the website

Message from the Mayor, Cr Sarah Carter

Through our annual Tree Planting Program, we continue to enhance the beauty, liveability and natural environment of our wonderful City. The Program is an incredible example of our commitment to ensuring our community has access to urban spaces that are green, sustainable and positively contribute to wellbeing.  

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