Be prepared as COVID-19 infection rates climb

Published on 07 January 2022

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Maribyrnong is starting off the New Year with a double vaccination rate close to 90% after a massive effort by the community during 2021 to ‘get the jab done’.

“This is a great way to start 2022”, Mayor Cr Anthony Tran said. “Thanks to everyone’s efforts, the numbers have kept growing and while we are three points shy of the target currently, 87% is a significant milestone and one our whole community should feel proud of.”

But he cautions there is still work for us to do.

“We know Omicron is more infectious than Delta, and while those who are vaccinated generally experience milder symptoms, there is no ironclad guarantee, just as with the flu vaccine, that those who’ve been jabbed won’t catch it,” he said.

Council is encouraging residents to book in for booster shots, with the timeframe between vaccinations now reduced to four months. It’s also important to be prepared to isolate for seven days, taking precautions and planning ahead, as infection rates climb.

“Let’s stay safe and remember two things - we’re in this together and let’s ensure we use all the resources available to be prepared,” Councillor Tran said.

Government has provided a checklist with ten top tips for families and individuals to follow, which also includes items that should be included in an COVID emergency kit, just in case: Checklist for families and individuals to prepare for COVID-19 | Coronavirus Victoria

In the biggest change to the COVID-19 testing system since the beginning of the pandemic, as of Friday 7 January Victorians no longer have to line up to get a PCR test and wait for their result. They can now use rapid antigen (RAT) testing to identify if they are a probable positive case – meaning shorter wait times and faster results.

Mayor Tran said this would be greatly appreciated by neighbours of local testing facilities, but given supply issues with the RAT alternative, he is encouraging those still queueing to please consider those nearby.

“We’re mindful that lines have been long which has caused some frustration for those in the queues especially in the heat, and also for nearby neighbours. Please continue to be patient, and wait respectfully without blocking drive ways and intersections – and also not honking horns and shouting,” he said.

To find a GP or pharmacy supplying the booster visit:

To find a vaccination centre visit:

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