Cancellation of Ordinary Council Meeting 23 July

Published on 24 July 2019


Unfortunately last night’s Council meeting was cancelled when a fire alarm was activated within the Council building as a result of a leaking roof.

Capacity in the Council Chamber is limited and the number of protesters attending would never have fitted into the chamber. Following advice from Victoria Police, it was our intention, as displayed on signs at the entry, to allow those attending for business on the agenda to be given access to the Chamber as a priority. That included those who had lodged questions concerning Footscray Park. The protesters and other members of the public were only asked to leave as a result of the fire alarm and the subsequent cancelation of the meeting.

We understand that residents are passionate about Footscray Park and the proposed development and we respect their right to protest. However, we do ask that they do so in an orderly manner and respect the rights of staff and Councillors to a safe work environment.

Organisers of the protest have not asked to meet with Council, but we are hoping to organise a meeting with them to discuss this in a calm and rational manner.

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