Cashless gambling gains Council support

Published on 24 April 2023


Council has announced its support of the Alliance for Gambling Reform's campaign for mandatory cashless gambling systems to be introduced into Victoria to address problem gambling in the community.

By only allowing the use of cards or digital wallets with the ability to also set betting limits, cashless systems are known to assist in reducing harm by restricting the amounts people playing the pokies are able to spend.

In voting to support the campaign, councillors reflected on how far the City has come in addressing problem gambling - noting 20 years ago Maribyrnong topped the list in terms of losses incurred as a result of electronic gaming machines (EGM’s).

Mayor, Cr Sarah Carter, said while in recent years Council, and agencies working in this field, have made significant inroads into combatting the problem, initiatives like this are another significant step forward.

“We have had families historically whose children would have gone hungry because of a loved-ones gambling addiction without the assistance from support agencies. As the cost of living increases, so does the risk to individuals and families in the current day from uncontrolled spending on the pokies,” she said.

As a leadership Council with the Alliance for Gambling Reform, Mayor Carter added, “Maribyrnong is committed to supporting the introduction of mandatory cashless gambling as one way we can significantly reduce the threat of gambling-related harm, making Maribyrnong a safer, healthier place for all residents.”

Cashless systems are one of the key actions for preventing and minimising gambling’s harmful impact outlined in the Maribyrnong City Councils Reducing Harm from Gambling Policy adopted in 2022. It reflects Council's role in assessing the impacts of electronic gaming machines in the municipality and advocating for changes to gambling regulation and management in Victoria.

Council will be seeking support from Katie Hall, Member for Footscray, and all Western Metropolitan Councils for its implementation in Victoria.

For more information on Council's efforts to reduce harm from gambling, visit:

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