Community urged to jump on electric bus bandwagon

Published on 24 May 2023

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Maribyrnong City Council has added its voice to a campaign to see better buses that are more frequent, connected and environmentally friendly rolled out in the municipality to increase public transport use, reduce emissions, and improve health and well-being.

The Better Buses for Melbourne’s West Campaign, launched by Friends of the Earth in 2021, argues Melbourne’s western suburbs have been left behind when it comes to public transport access and infrastructure and wants to see faster, more frequent, and connected bus services.

Mayor, Cr Sarah Carter, said The Campaign aligns with a number of Council plans and strategies, including our Air Quality Improvement Plan, Climate Emergency Strategy, and a range of land use and transport strategies which seek to improve air quality, reduce emissions and reliance on private vehicles.

“There is a need to improve public transport in our municipality, as well as the broader western region, to ensure our residents have equitable access to healthcare, jobs, education, other essential services, and of course connections, and efficient ones, to train stations and tram stops,” she said.

“With a number of major public transport projects, such as Airport Rail and the Western Rail Plan seemingly delayed at this time,” Mayor Carter added, “it has never been more important to make our voices heard to ensure Government continues to commit funding to improve the bus network enabling, faster, more frequent, clean, electric bus services to keep pace with population growth and bring services in the west into line with the rest of Melbourne.”

The Campaign objectives align with Council’s advocacy priorities including better transport access, improving air quality, cleaner public transport, and reducing car dependency.

The Campaign webpage at contains a simple form that can be used to email relevant ministers and local MP’s asking them to lend their support and weight to the call for more support and funding, which the Mayor has pointed to as “an easy way for residents to also lend their voice to the campaign and express their desire for improved and clean bus services.”

Council will also continue to advocate at the highest levels, Mayor Carter added, “for public transport that is fast, frequent, and connected to ensure our community is connected to vital services they rely on”.

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