Food Waste and Garden Waste service rolling out

Published on 12 November 2021


The new food waste and garden waste service is here.


Lime green-lidded bins are now being delivered to stand-alone houses throughout the City of Maribyrnong for residents to recycle their home’s food and garden waste.

The bin will be collected fortnightly – on the alternate week recycling bins are collected, and the waste material will be recycled into compost to be used on farms, parks and gardens across Victoria.

This new service will not only make it easier for residents to recycle their food and garden waste but also dramatically reduce the amount sent to landfill, which is currently almost half (48%) of the waste in a typical red-lidded landfill bin collected in the City of Maribyrnong.

The introduction of the food waste and garden waste service is a commitment highlighted in the Towards Zero Waste Strategy – a document that outlines Council’s target for the diversion of all waste to landfill by 2040.

The State Government has mandated all Victorian households must have access to food and garden organic waste recycling services, or local composting, by 2030, and Council is rolling out these bins now to support residents make the transition to better food and garden waste management practices. This will also lead to lead to positive changes for the environment and a reduction in greenhouse emissions.

Council recognises some properties may not have the space for another 240L bin (the same size as the recycling bin) and where space is an issue, residents can apply for a smaller 120L bin. Residents who produce little to no food and garden waste or are composting at home can also apply for an exemption, which will be assessed against the amount of food and garden waste generated and how it is currently disposed of.

The rollout of the service first began in November 2020, with residents who had an existing garden waste bin having it extended to include the recycling of food waste. It is now being extended to all detached and semi-detached properties in the municipality.

The cost of the service, including the collection of bins and the transport and processing of the waste, is the standard charge for all residents across the municipality who access waste collection services and is calculated as part of Council’s Budget.

All eligible residences will receive their new green-lidded bin during November.

Further information:

Message from the Mayor, Cr Anthony Tran

The rollout of this valuable service is a key part in working with our community to drastically reduce the amount of food waste that is sent to landfill, and we hope all residents who receive this new lime-green lidded bin make the most of the new service. This is our commitment to a greener future.

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