Footscray fast tracked to become a Smart City

Published on 20 February 2019

Imagine being able to walk through Footscray CBD and see all the developments that are planned for the area, simply by popping on a headset.  Or get live traffic, train and weather updates on a digital road sign. This could soon become a reality thanks to a $400,000 grant from the Australian Government to make Footscray a Smart City. 

A joint initiative between Maribyrnong Council and Victoria University, the ‘Footscray Smart City for Social Cohesion Project’ will utilise smart technology and data analysis to improve the quality of life for the community whilst also driving economic growth and environmental improvements.

Commencing early this year, the project will deliver a range of integrated smart technologies over a two-year period to elevate Footscray to Smart City status.

Key smart technology elements include: smart environmental monitoring, leading to improved air quality; real-time information (traffic, weather, public transport, safety alerts, etc) captured and transmitted live; and smart spaces and places - with free Wi-Fi, touch screens, smart lighting and leisure based digital interactivity.

The project will also create a Social Cohesion Platform that leverages open data to inform city planning, catalyse ongoing innovation and enhance public experiences.

“Smart City technology and innovation is expanding possibilities and delivering immense value for cities and communities around the globe,” said Maribyrnong Mayor Cr Martin Zakharov.

“Together with our friends at VU, we have developed this exciting project to help to modernise our services and infrastructure and promote innovation in our community.

“We are very excited to be commencing this journey towards becoming a Smart City and thank the Federal Government for their generous contribution towards this mission.”

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Dawkins AO, said: “Our success in this joint Smart Cities bid reflects the strength of our strong Footscray University Town partnership. This Australian Government recognition supplements the State Government’s commitments to other ‘smart’ projects like the new Footscray Hospital and the Footscray Learning Precinct.”

In addition to the $400,000 Australian Grant, the two-year project will receive $350,000 in funding from Maribyrnong Council and $100,000 from Victoria University.

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