Planning for water security in the City of Maribyrnong

Published on 12 February 2024

IWM Plan.png

Water is essential for life – and every one of us has a part to play in protecting and enhancing our waterways – specifically the Maribyrnong River and Stony Creek.

This is why Council is creating a comprehensive plan looking at how we can work with our community to improve our municipality’s water resilience and the health of our waterways and natural environment.

The draft Integrated Water Management Plan, Council’s first, considers key challenges surrounding water management, such as population growth, increased demand, impacts associated with climate change, and waterway health.

It identifies over 50 proposed actions to help protect our waterways and local habitat, improve stormwater quality, increase community liveability, recreation and amenity, support tree growth and greener neighbourhoods, improve community and environmental resilience, and minimise the urban heat island effect over the short, medium and longer-term.

This includes things like requiring integrated water management planning in larger private redevelopments, ensuring water efficient design and operation of council facilities and services, investigating options for creation of new stormwater treatment wetlands, developing targets for tree density for new developments, and advocating for desilting, rectification and enhancement of Newell’s Paddock.

Mayor, Cr Cuc Lam said the plan would outline Council’s commitment to water planning and management over the next 10 years.

“Sustainable management of our water resources will play an integral role in meeting current and future challenges associated with population growth, providing quality open spaces, to help alleviate the urban island effect, and supporting waterway health along the Maribyrnong River and Stony Creek,” she said.

Community comments, along with research and technical information, will be considered in the finalised Integrated Water Management Plan, and Council will share the final plan with the community in mid-2024.

Share any thoughts on the draft Plan and proposed actions by midnight Monday 11 March 2024 at