Kingsville mum of three wins Comedy Out West Open Mic Night

Published on 26 April 2018

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Council partners with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival to present a selection of comedy events in the West including Comedy out West (COW) open mic night which was held at Kindred Studios last weekend.

Kingsville local mum-of-three Amanda Brocklebank beat 14 hopefuls, including defending champion Sam Gebreselassie (who was this year’s runner up) to take out the audience vote to win the C.O.W. Bell Award for 2018.

Amanda runs her own creative business, Neapolitan Media, and has worked in radio on and off since she was 20. Amanda and her husband, Pat Panetta, are regulars on Denis Walter’s 3AW program, “Love and Marriage”. 

We asked Amanda what how she got into Comedy and what inspired her to enter in Comedy Out West:

How did you first get into Comedy?

“I've been dipping my toe in stand-up comedy for probably 15 years, but it’s been a very long time between dips!  I've done a handful of sets, had a crack at raw comedy many moons ago, and even attended a comedy workshop.   But with kids and work I've never really pursued it properly.  This year I'm turning 50, so maybe this will be my midlife comedy crisis and I'll really go for it!”

Where do you source your material from?

“There's funny things happening all around you - it's a fact truth is stranger than fiction!  With three kids, a dog, a partner and all the other things that go along with being a middle aged Melbourne mum, there's plenty to laugh at! In fact if I didn't laugh sometimes, I'd cry!  Having a large extended family and a great group of friends provides a huge source of material too!”

Who are your comedic inspirations and why?

“We're really spoilt for choice with so many brilliant Australian comedians.  Some fav’s are Tom Gleeson, Judith Lucy and Lano and Woodley, through to exciting newcomers like Cindy Salmon. Really I'm inspired by anyone who has the courage to get up on stage and try to make people laugh. It is without doubt the most frightening thing I've ever done.”

How beneficial is it fo you to have events like ‘Comedy out West - Open Mic night’ to practise and showcase your talent to a live audience?

“Comedy Out West has really given me a shot in the arm to continue with my comedy (that's a turn of phrase - I didn't really inject anything into my arm!). To be able to perform with such a great group of comedians in front of a supportive local audience was a fabulous opportunity.  Open mic nights are the training ground for new comedians, so these type of events are wonderful for the performers and audience alike.  Where else is a middle-aged mum from Kingsville going to get her break?”

Comedy Out West is part of our year-round calendar of blockbuster festivals and activations. To see what else we have coming up, visit

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