Developing a plan to protect and enhance our City's biodiversity

Published on 22 November 2023

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Biodiversity loss poses a threat to public health, social wellness, culture, science, the environment and every sector of the economy.

Prior to settlement, Maribyrnong was predominantly an open grassland, home to a diversity of vegetation, which created habitat for native wildlife such as the fat-tailed dunnart and were once ecologically rich communities of native orchids, daisies, lilies, peas and grasses.

Today much of our natural environment is endangered – some critically – including the Grasslands of the Victorian Volcanic Plain of which there is now less than 5 per cent left.

With the Maribyrnong River defining our north-eastern boundary, enjoying biodiversity and protecting our natural environment plays a key role in daily life in our municipality.

To mitigate future habitat loss, Council is starting planning for our first nature plan with an initial conversation seeking to understand what biodiversity means to our community, along with ideas around what the community and Council can do to help increase biodiversity across Maribyrnong.

This information, along with further research, will help inform the development of a draft document to be shared with the community for comment next year.

Mayor, Cr Cuc Lam is encouraging residents to become involved.

“A healthy biodiversity brings multiple benefits including food and shelter, clean air and water, improved mental health, increased recreation options, and safeguarding us against the impact of climate change.

“If we are to reap those benefits, we need to find ways to better protect and manage our natural habitat,” Mayor Lam said.

For more information and to share your thoughts on biodiversity in our municipality, visit Feedback closes midnight Friday 15 December 2023.

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