New Maribyrnong Mayor sets City record

Published on 12 November 2020


Maribyrnong’s new Mayor is Councillor Michael Clarke – the first to hold the position for three occasions.

Cr Clarke returns to the City of Maribyrnong after serving as a former Mayor and Councillor from 2006 – 2016. He is Secretary of Friends of Cruickshank Park and for over 20 years organised the Kingsville Christmas Carols event.

Cr Clarke seeks to find new ways of operating while maintaining the services that make the City such a great place, strengthen planning requirements, increase bicycle facilities and expand community facilities.

He was elected during a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday 10 November where newcomer Cr Anthony Tran was elected Deputy Mayor.

During the special meeting Councillors also took an oath of office to represent the City of Maribyrnong for the next four years:

River Ward

  • Sarah Carter
  • Anthony Tran

Stony Creek

  • Cuc Lam
  • Bernadette Thomas

Yarraville Ward

  • Michael Clarke
  • Simon Crawford
  • Jorge Jorquera

Three of the seven Councillors – Sarah Carter, Cuc Lam and Simon Crawford - were part of the previous Council. Michael Clarke returns to Council after a term off, while we welcome new Councillors Anthony Tran, Bernadette Thomas and Jorge Jorquera

Message from the Mayor, Cr Michael Clarke

I am humbled and privileged to be elected Mayor for the City of Maribyrnong and I thank my fellow Councillors for their support in electing me to this position.

There is a lot of work to be done to support the community as we move forward through this unprecedented time. We have endured the jack boot of an epidemic that has not been seen not only in this country but the entire world for over 100 years.

As a Council we have a responsibility to help our people, our community, and our business operators to get back on their feet. Our community is hurting. We are here to help.

I would also like to thank former Mayor and re-elected councillor Sarah Carter for her role in carrying our City through the darkest days of the coronavirus pandemic.

Message from the CEO, Stephen Wall

Ratepayers have elected a mix of previous experience and new enthusiasm who have already demonstrated a willingness to work together in the interests of our City.

I congratulate our newly elected Council and look forward to working with them to ensure Maribyrnong remains a vibrant, diverse and progressive city striving for a sustainable future.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our previous Councillors Martin Zakharov a former Mayor, Gina Huynh, Mia McGregor and Megan Bridger-Darling.

Please note: face masks were removed briefly while photographs were being taken at the Special Council Meeting, in line with DHHS guidelines regarding photography. Masks were replaced immediately afterwards and the appropriate physical distance was maintained throughout the meeting.