Nurturing nature strip thinking

Published on 24 February 2023

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Council is keen to understand the community’s views on the future of nature strips in Maribyrnong – that’s that area between a property boundary and the kerb, excluding footpaths.

Often called street verges, nature strips are an important part of a neighbourhood's character, often consisting of some grass and a street tree, or two.

Along with enhancing street appeal, they can also increase biodiversity and reduce the heat island effect, reducing the impact of climate change. Importantly, they often house essential services, like communications, gas, stormwater, wastewater, electricity, and are often where you place bins for kerbside waste collection.

Councils throughout Victoria adopt different approaches to nature strip management, but here in Maribyrnong residents are able to obtain a permit (at no cost) that allows certain plants and shrubs to be added, provided this does not impede pedestrians or impact public safety.

The process for obtaining a permit and the types of plantings allowed are outlined in the Naturestrip and Landscape Policy and Guidelines, which are now up for review.

To help with this, Council is seeking to understand what residents think about nature strips, including what you’d like to see them look like moving forward, and how well the permit system is working, for those who have obtained one.

The review recognises the changing needs of the community since the guidelines, which provide for over 40 indigenous, exotic and native varieties of plants, were developed nearly ten years ago.

Visit Your City Your Voice to share your thoughts by midnight Sunday 26 March at

Message from the Mayor, Councillor Sarah Carter

Because some members of the community have small or no gardens, we know they are looking for alternative ways to grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables while also contributing to increased biodiversity in their area.

Now is the time to reimagine what nature strips can be. We’re keen to have a conversation with our community about these valuable spaces, to understand what they want to see moving forward – and I encourage residents to share their thoughts. Don’t kerb your enthusiasm!

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