Paving the way to a more walkable city: walking strategy endorsed

Published on 23 August 2023

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Council has taken the next step towards a more walkable City with the endorsement of the Maribyrnong Walking Strategy 2023/33 on 22 August 2023.

The Strategy, informed by two rounds of community engagement, sets out the vision and key activities to continue to transform Maribyrnong into a great place to walk for all.

Walking is a key element to all trips that we make. Whether on foot or with the assistance of a mobility device, it is fundamental to all journeys we make, the makeup of our streets and is an essential aspect of the lives of many residents.

But in Maribyrnong, Mayor Cr Sarah Carter, said the pedestrian experience is often impacted by traffic and trucks, and the condition of our streets.

With this in mind, Mayor, Cr Sarah Carter said a key driver of the Maribyrnong Walking Strategy 2023/33 is facilitating a safe, inclusive, and attractive pedestrian experience that will ensure that walking becomes more accessible and safe for all.

“This Strategy will set the direction and vision for a more walkable, sustainable and healthier Maribyrnong as our City grows and determine opportunities for future capital works to provide the improved infrastructure our community is seeking.

“This will in turn lead to more people walking more often, to maximise and enjoy our extensive street and trail network,” she said.

Mayor Carter acknowledged the importance of community input in supporting development of the Strategy.

“During our initial conversation in early 2023, we heard from more than 800 community members who shared why and how often they walked. Along with the barriers they encountered, such as the current pedestrian environment and perceptions of safety, our community also shared their big and small ideas for improving walking across the municipality,”

“We’ll be looking at ways to provide more shade, seating, rest stops, public toilets and water fountains in response to what we heard.”

The Strategy has set a target of upgrading 15 per cent of nominated streets and paths, and increase tree canopy coverage by 10 percent along primary walking routes, and 20 per cent in areas with high heat vulnerability.

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