Property Policies Updated to Support Ongoing Compliance

Published on 20 April 2023


Council is sharing three of its property policies with the community for comment after updating them to align with recent legislative changes.

The updates have been made to the Geographic Naming; Lease and Licence; and Property Sale, Transfer and Acquisition policies.

Each plays an important role in guiding the way Council does its business in relation to the specific topics.

The Geographic Naming Policy seeks to ensure a consistent approach to naming of roads and places. The Lease and Licence Policy governs the letting of Council-owned buildings and land across the municipality to third parties, or on behalf of third parties where they are leased to Council; and The Property, Sale, Transfer and Acquisition Policy guides all land sales, transfers and acquisitions.

Some of the more notable changes include a greater focus on gender and recognition and use of Traditional Owner languages in place naming and the inclusion of a new principle regarding Council’s commitment to gender equality, social equity and inclusion.

Other minor amendments are designed to bring the policies into line with legislative changes to ensure ongoing compliance.

Share any comments on any or all of the policy updates at or via email to until midnight Sunday 21 May 2023


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