We’ve talked the talk – now it’s time to walk the walk

Published on 01 March 2023


Council is committed to reducing our green-house gas emissions and creating a more sustainable city that benefits both people and the environment. 

A key pillar to this vision is to prioritise zero carbon transport in our infrastructure and planning by encouraging people to swap four wheels for more environmentally friendly accessible options – like walking.

Nearly all of us can, and often do, use the local pedestrian network most days to recreate, socialise or get from A to B, whether independently or assisted by wheelchair, walking frame or other mobility aid.

It’s a form of active transport reliant on infrastructure that considers connectivity, safety and comfort.  

The existing network of footpaths and shared user paths across the City is informed by the 2011 Walking Strategy. However, much has changed over the past decade, including greater recognition of the contribution walking makes to individual health and wellbeing – which was heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic – and a liveable, sustainable and environmentally friendly city. 

As we welcome a growing number of residents, while also balancing a transition to net-zero green-house gas emissions, Council is looking to update this document to map an active transport route for the future that better reflects contemporary needs.

Join us on this journey by letting us know why you walk, where you walk, and how often you walk along with the things that stop you walking, or walking more often.

For more information and to join the conversation, visit yourcityyourvoice.com.au/walking

Feedback closes at 11.59pm. Sunday 19 March.

Message from the Mayor, Councillor Sarah Carter 

Walking or wheeling is a fundamental aspect of our daily lives. When I returned to my third term as Mayor, I committed to focusing on infrastructure that improves the quality of life for our community. I don’t think it gets more back-to-basics than walking. 

It produces zero emissions and has flow on effects for health, wellbeing, local economies, safety, community cohesion and the environment. By improving the walkability of our City, we are working towards a better future for all.

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