What is Footscray to you?

Published on 08 April 2019

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This month, Melbourne based artist and creative producer Chantal will occupy Artsbox, an intimate and creative space that provides artists with an opportunity to create new work, test and explore ideas, and develop their arts practice. The converted shipping container is located in the forecourt of Footscray Library, and is a dedicated home to artists-in-residence throughout the year.

Chantal will utilise Artsbox as a vox populi recording studio to develop a new series of works. Through audio interviews, street conversations and sound, she hopes to document Footscray.

“I will be creating a renegade audio recording studio in which the stories of locals and visitors to Footscray will be documented. Footscray is changing rapidly, which is why l want to use this opportunity to interview people. My line of enquiry is ‘what is Footscray to you?’” Chantal said.

On top of the local stories, Chantal will also record everyday scenes that are unique to Footscray.

“For example the hustle and bustle of the Footscray Market that we all love so much, as well as daily soundscapes from demolition, train announcements and restaurant kitchens,” Chantal continued.

From these recordings, Chantal hopes to develop a digital audio tour of contemporary Footscray.

“The tour will reflect the rich diversity of Footscray. The interviews recorded with locals and visitors will drive the narrative of the audio story whilst the additional soundscapes will bring the tour to life. This project will be a positive reflection on what makes Footscray exciting and unique,” Chantal said.

To take part in Chantal’s project and to chat about what Footscray means to you, stop by Artsbox unitl 30 April.

For updates and opening times, visit wynterprojects.com


Footscray Library forecourt
56 Paisley Street, Footscray


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