Yarraville Traffic Study

Published on 20 December 2021


Council is collaborating with Metro Trains Melbourne on a traffic study to look at ways to improve traffic flow in Yarraville, specifically around the rail line interface with the road network.

The study will involve gathering traffic and pedestrian data to identify opportunities for safety improvements to support vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist movements.

Initially planned for July, this traffic study was delayed due to COVID-19 lockdowns, but the survey was undertaken in early December as visitors and residents return to the Village, ensuring relevant data collection. The study will also help inform the evaluation on the Polka Dots traffic calming trial at three locations in Yarraville.

The trial – which began in March – was designed to encourage drivers to slow down when travelling through the village, especially given the additional foot traffic attracted to the area post the installation of the outdoor dining opportunities.

Council had intended to evaluate the trial after six months, but had to put this on hold as the snap lockdowns changed the way motorists and others were using the area impacting the ability to undertake a meaningful review. Incorporating the review inside the comprehensive study with Metro Trains Melbourne provides an opportunity for a more holistic evaluation rather than considering the polka dots trial and current outdoor dining provision in isolation to other traffic challenges and impacts.

Considering the delays, a further road safety audit was commissioned in October for the polka dots trial which noted the additional measures – including the temporary speed humps and planter boxes – have mitigated concerns around previous risks to the community and road users.

Council will be in a better position to provide an update to the community around the polka dot trial and next steps in the first quarter of 2022 when the temporary outdoor dining provision in the Village, which has been extended until April, will also be re-considered.

With the comprehensive traffic study, polka dot trial and outdoor dining, there is a lot happening in Yarraville Village – the bustling precinct in the heart of Yarraville. To streamline our conversations with the community, Council has now created a centralised space on its online digital engagement portal to house relevant updates and key information on all the current projects.

For more information about Yarraville Village and to keep up to date moving forward, visit www.yourcityyourvoice.com.au/yarraville-village

Message from the Mayor, Cr Anthony Tran

We understand there are often multiple conversations and things happening in our community at any given time – and we realise the importance of keeping the community up to date and seeking their comments, and ensuring this process is simple and easy.

This is why we have developed a dedicated space – or a one-stop Yarraville Village shop – to provide information and updates about things happening in Yarraville Village, all in one place. Here, you can get updates on things happening in and around the Village, and share any comments, thoughts or ideas you have about this entire space with Council.

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