Council policies, strategies and guidelines

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Council has a number of policies and strategies to guide its decision making on environmental issues including waste management. Below are the key documents which inform the way waste is managed throughout the city.

Towards Zero Waste Strategy and Action Plan 2019-2030

To separate our waste into the correct bins is not enough. As a municipality we need to reduce our impact on the planet. In terms of Waste Management, that means together as Council and Community we need to aim for zero waste.

In line with Waste Management Policy 2019, Council have established aspirational targets to achieve a waste diversion rate of 60% by 2030 and move toward zero waste to landfill by 2040.

To achieve these goals, this strategy identifies seven key waste streams which present the greatest potential for waste diversion, or which strongly impact our environmental performance as a Council. For each of these waste streams, actions have been developed and aligned with the waste hierarchy.

Download the Towards Zero Waste Strategy and Action Plan 2019-2030.(PDF, 3MB)

Waste Management Policy 2019

The objectives of the Waste Management Policy 2019 are to:

  1. Comply with the intent of the applicable Commonwealth and State environment legislation, regulations, standards, policies and initiatives.
  2. Maintain a safe, transparent, affordable and sustainable approach to all Council waste management and resource recovery services and provide a consistent level of service to ratepayers and eligible properties.
  3. Ensure Council provide innovative solutions and strive for best practice waste and recycling services to process all types of waste generated across the municipality.
  4. Keep pace with emerging technologies and actively participate with peak industry bodies, operators and organisations to advocate an improved and competitive waste and resource recovery industry.
  5. Increase recycling and recovery rates, and reduce contamination across the municipal waste stream.
  6. Reduce the amount of litter, illegal dumping, and stormwater pollution across Council.
  7. Prioritise waste avoidance by reducing the consumption of goods and packaging.
  8. Communicate with and educate our community about effective ways to reduce, reuse and recycle waste whether at home, work or play.
  9. Continue to monitor, collate and report quality waste and recycling data across the municipality.
  10. Adopt greater use of recycled materials and resources across all aspects of procurement.
  11. Protect public health and minimise the environmental impacts associated with waste management services.

Download the Waste Management Policy 2019.(PDF, 488KB)

Waste Management Planning Guidelines for Multi-Unit Dwellings

The Waste Management Planning Guidelines for Multi-Unit Dwellings are intended as a guide for developers and planning permit applicants to assist in the preparation of a plan to manage the waste and recycling needs of new developments.

The Waste Management Planning Guidelines for Multi-Unit Dwellings can be downloaded below.