Sustainable Transport

Consider all your transport options including walking, cycling or catching public transport particularly for local trips.

You’ll be gaining some valuable exercise, better connecting with your neighbours, helping to relieve road congestion and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Active Transport Advisory Committee

Purpose of the Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Active Transport Advisory Committee is to provide Council with ongoing community input into Council and State Government provisions for active transport, infrastructure projects, advocacy and partnership opportunities.

Nominations for Advisory Committee Membership Now Open

Nominations for membership to the Advisory Committee are now open until 5pm on Friday 11 June 2021.

Visit the Active Transport Advisory Committee page for more information or to submit a nomination online.

Finding your way

The Maribyrnong Travel Smart Map(PDF, 10MB) shows all cycling, walking and public transport routes.

You can request hard copies of this from us.


Cycling for transport in Maribyrnong is guided by the Maribyrnong Bicycle Strategy 2014(PDF, 4MB) .

To make it easy and safe for you to get on your bike, we have more than 20 kms of on and off-road paths, bicycle repair stations and lots of parking. 

Find out more about local cycling routes, facilities and services.


Walking is the cheapest form of transport available. Consider swapping your car for walking shoes for short trips and enjoy some fresh air and exercise. We also have some picturesque walking circuits.

Public transport

There is plenty of public transport in the City of Maribyrnong.


Carshare schemes operate in our municipality. As a member, you can hire cars by the hour. Evidence suggests that each carshare car takes around nine privately owned cars off the road. Flexicar has 6 vehicles in Footscray, Seddon and Yarraville. GoGet and GreenShareCar and Car Next Door also operate in Maribyrnong.

Expansion of carshare in Maribyrnong is guided by the Maribyrnong Carshare Policy(PDF, 208KB). Carshare Operators may apply for carshare parking bays by using this form(PDF, 121KB).


There are multiple online carpooling programs to match you with people with similar travel origins and destinations so you can share your commute and travel costs.

Integrated transport

The Maribyrnong Integrated Transport Strategy (MITS) aims to relieve congestion on the road network, reduce transport related greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

Download the summary(PDF, 5MB) or the complete Maribyrnong Integrated Transport Strategy(PDF, 5MB).

Safe Travel Plan

The Maribyrnong Safe Travel Plan(PDF, 741KB) aims to enhance road safety for all road users, especially vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists. It provides a blueprint to:

  • publicise and increase community awareness of safety issues
  • identify hazardous practices and physical locations
  • promote changes to people's behaviour, actions and practices.