Garbage, recycling and waste

Maribyrnong Council can confirm that recycling services remain unchanged, and that recycling collected throughout Maribyrnong will continue to be separated, recycled and diverted from landfill.

Maribyrnong Council uses VISY Recycling as its recyclable material processing service provider. Waste and Recycling are collected from household bins throughout Maribyrnong by Remondis trucks. The material collected from recycling bins is then taken directly to the Visy Recycling Materials Recovery Facility in Banyule, where it is sorted for recycling.  Only contaminants in the recycling load are sent to landfill. 

With the recent changes in the recycling industry, it is more important than ever that residents continue to recycle, and that we reduce the amount of contamination going into our recycling. While the Chinese National Sword policy has put pressure on the recycling industry in recent months, China has not banned recyclables from Australia. It will still accept recyclables if they are separated and have minimal amounts of contamination. Reducing recycling contamination is therefore an ongoing strategic priority.

Recycling processors in Victoria have already responded to China’s new requirements by changing the way they sort plastics and paper/cardboard. Recyclable material is being transformed into new products such as road base, outdoor furniture and recycled office and toilet paper, and Victoria continues to process the bulk of its kerbside recyclables locally. Paper and cardboard is being sorted to a higher level to remove items that shouldn’t be in there. Processors are also investing in, and installing, new technology to further process plastics to ensure it is in an acceptable state for international markets.

Maribyrnong Council are committed to waste minimisation and waste diversion from landfill. Council will continue to work with the Victorian Government and the recycling industry to respond to the issues posed by the China restrictions on recycling and to help make sure this matter will not impact residents.

What happens to our waste?

Recycling Bin Contents (Yellow Lid Bin Service)

Recycling is sorted by Visy at the Banyule plant. Visy recycling plants recycle paper, plastic, glass and metals.  Contaminants in the recycling load are sent to landfill.  Details of the Visy process are available in the video on this link.

Council does not support incineration of waste or recyclables.

Garbage Bin Contents (Red Lid Bin Service)

The majority of waste from garbage bins is sent to Melbourne Regional Landfill in Ravenhall, small amounts are also sent to Brooklyn landfill.  These are contained in clay lined cells which are regulated by the EPA.

Council does not send any waste interstate or overseas.

Council pays contractors for waste collection only.  All waste landfill charges, including landfill levies are paid for by Council directly.  This means that contractors have no incentive to dump Council waste to save landfill charges.

Green Waste (Lime Green Lid Bin Service)

Green Waste from our Hard and Green Waste service and our user pays Green Waste Service is collected by our collection contractor and transferred to the Veolia organic treatment site in Bulla where it is composted and sold to agricultural industry.  Veolia send small quantities of contamination to a landfill.

Where can I find out more?

Further information can be found by downloading Council's Waste Minimisation Strategy 2014–2023(DOC, 2MB) and Waste Policy (November 2014).(DOC, 289KB)

If you are proposing to build a multi-unit dwelling, you will need to submit a waste management plan with your permit application. Please consult our Waste Management Planning Guidelines(PDF, 2MB) for further information.

When is my bin collected?

Find out your collection day and never miss a bin night again with our free Bins and Recycling App. Download the app via the Apple App store or Google Play .

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