Dalmahoy Street, Footscray Improvement Works


Council is greening and creating a better place to walk to the local shops on Dalmahoy Street.  Thank you for your feedback on the Dalmahoy Street improvement project, we are now extending the improvements to the full width of the street.  We are proposing a shared street with new street planting, a lower speed limit and a narrower driving surface, subject to authority approvals.  The construction period is being planned for autumn of 2022.

The revised design is to transform the exiting street into a shared street for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.  Council is proposing a 10km/h speed limit.  The lowered speed shared space will be emphasised through the new kerbless layout which uses new tree planting, bluestone details, and a narrow driving lane to encourage slower movement in the street.  Bollards will be introduced adjacent to doors and tree planting to limit vehicle movements.  Improvements to the street lighting are being investigated in parallel with the works.

New trees will be planted along Dalmahoy Street to provide greenery and traffic calming.  The trees will also provide shade and cooling.  The design of the street will include passive irrigation to the trees which will assist in reducing storm water runoff into storm drains.  A tree species that remains narrow will be planted to avoid obstructing either road or pedestrian access.

The kerbless design will assist pedestrians navigating around bins or servicing days.  The west side of the street will have a larger area for bin servicing adjacent to the driving lane, this additional space allows for an unimpeded walking area adjacent to the building line.  On the east side of the street the design will allow for small bin storage against the buildings on pick up days.

A raised intersection and pedestrian crossing will be installed at Byron Street to improve safety.

See attached draft plans.

If you'd like to provide feedback on the design please email or call City Design on by the 21 of November 2021.

For further information contact Chelsea at City Design email: CD@maribyrnong.vic.gov.au or tel: 9688 0200




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