Your Councillors

Role of the Mayor

As defined by the Local Government Act 1989, the functions of the Mayor of a Council include:

  • providing guidance to Councillors about what is expected of a Councillor.
  • acting as the principal spokesperson for the Council.
  • supporting good working relations between Councillors.
  • carrying out the civic and ceremonial duties of the office of Mayor.

Role of Councillors

The role of a Councillor, is also defined by the Local Government Act 1989, as being to:

  • participate in the decision making of the Council.
  • represent the local community in that decision making.
  • contribute to the strategic direction of the Council through the development and review of key strategic documents of the Council.

Contacting Councillors

Maribyrnong City Council supports its community making contact with Councillors to discuss matters of interest or concern.  However, Council takes a firm stance of no tolerance towards any abusive or defamatory communication with Councillors.

If a member of the public communicates with Councillors in an inappropriate way, Council will contact the relevant authorities.