Zero Carbon Council


Council recognises that we are in a state of Climate Emergency that requires urgent action from all levels of government to reduce carbon emissions and restore a safe climate at emergency speed.

As part of this commitment, Council will continue to take action to reduce and manage our carbon footprint to achieve net zero carbon emissions each year.

Achieving Zero Carbon

Council first achieved net zero corporate CO2 emissions in 2015.

Each year, Council calculate the greenhouse gas emissions that we generate through activities such as electricity use, transport and other activities.

Our first priority is to reduce these greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible by changing the way that we operate, increasing the energy efficiency of buildings, installing renewable energy, and investing in new technology.

Council then undertake a carbon accounting process, to ensure that any remaining emissions can be offset.

Carbon offset units are generated from activities that prevent, reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions being released into the atmosphere, such as tree planting and revegetation projects. When the number of offsets acquired by Council equal the total emissions produced by Council, we achieve zero carbon corporate status.

As part of our Zero Carbon Maribyrnong commitment, Council compile annual audited carbon emissions statements. For each year that Council has achieved Zero Carbon status, a statement is provided below.