Planning Scheme Amendment C143 - Gordon and Mephan Precinct

The Gordon and Mephan Precinct Framework Plan (2015) was prepared following a recommendation from the Maribyrnong Industrial and Economic Development Strategy (MEIDS) (2011) to further investigate the future role of the precinct. The analysis undertaken by the Framework Plan concluded that the precinct is well functioning and suitable for further employment growth. The Framework Plan also included a number of planning policy recommendations on land use, economic development, urban amenity, and accessibility to guide future planning and development of the precinct. Amendment C143 implements the recommendations of the Framework Plan.

About the Site

The Gordon and Mephan Precinct is located on Industrial 3 Zone land comprising of the following properties: 84 Gordon Street, 86 Gordon Street, 88 Gordon Street, 90 Gordon Street, 92 Gordon Street, 84-90 Gordon Street, 1-5 Mephan Street, 7-9 Mephan Street, 11 Mephan Street, 13 Mephan Street, 15 Mephan Street, 17 Mephan Street, 21 Mephan Street, and 23 Mephan Street, Footscray VIC 3011, and 2-4 Mephan Street, Maribyrnong VIC 3032. The precinct's boundary is shown in blue in the map below: 

About the Amendment

The amendment amends the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme by:

  • Introducing new local policy at Clause 21.11 (Local Areas) that reflect the recommendations and guidelines of the Gordon and Mephan Precinct Framework Plan.(PDF, 3MB) .
  • Amending the Municipal Strategic Statement to reference the Gordon and Mephan Precinct as a Core Employment Area.

The new local policy protects and strengthens the economic and employment role of the precinct, improves amenity and access, and supports the development of key sites within the precinct.


The amendment was publicly exhibited in late 2017. All submissions received were referred to an independent Planning Panel for consideration.  The Panel held hearings in April 2018 and released a report recommending the adoption of the amendment. You can read the Panel Report here(PDF, 1MB) .

The amendment has now been approved by the Minister for Planning and came into effect on 14 February 2019.

For a copy of the approved amendment, please refer to the amendments page on Planning Scheme Amendments Online.

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