Planning Scheme Amendment C147 - Incorporated Heritage Plan

What has happened?

Maribyrnong City Council has introduced an Incorporated Plan that contains planning permit exemptions for minor buildings and works that are triggered by the Heritage Overlay. The amendment was adopted by Council at its meeting on 19 February 2019 and was gazetted by the Minister for Planning on 16 January 2020.

About Amendment C147

The amendment changes planning controls for specific types of works on homes and properties that are currently located in Heritage Overlay precincts across our City.

Previous planning controls required owners to apply for permits for external works and alterations.  In some instances, these works have little to no impact on the heritage value of a place but still require planning approval (adding cost and delays).

Amendment C147 to the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme introduces an Incorporated Plan that provides these planning permit exemptions.  

A range of minor works that are now exempt from the planning process are outlined in the Heritage Incorporated Plan. For property owners in heritage precincts, the Incorporated Plan removes the need to apply for permits in some instances. For example: converting rear windows to French doors no longer require a planning permit under the Heritage Overlay.

The exemptions apply to six different types of works. The exemptions are:

  • Minor modifications and alterations to the rear of dwellings/buildings
  • Additions to the rear of the dwellings/buildings
  • Modifications and additions to outbuildings
  • Installation/modification to pergolas and verandahs
  • Installation/modification to fences and roller doors
  • Construction and modification of vehicle crossovers and driveways

Land affected by the Amendment 

The Amendment applies to land in the City of Maribyrnong that is covered by Heritage Overlay Precincts. The amendment excludes sites on the Victorian Heritage Register, sites identified as ‘individually significant’ in the schedule to the Heritage Overlay Clause 43.01, and sites identified as individually significant places, properties or buildings in Maribyrnong’s Heritage Overlay precincts as expressed in the Local Planning Policy.

The precincts affected are:

  • HO1 Angliss Housing estate heritage area Yarraville 
  • HO2 Ballarat Road residential heritage area Footscray
  • HO3 Footscray commercial heritage area Footscray
  • HO4 Footscray residential heritage area Footscray
  • HO5 Munition worker’s housing heritage area Braybrook
  • HO7 Old Footscray Township residential heritage area Footscray
  • HO8 Queensville Estate heritage area Kingsville
  • HO9 Seddon residential and commercial heritage area Seddon, Yarraville
  • HO10 Somerville Road 20th century residential heritage area Yarraville
  • HO11 Upper Footscray residential heritage area Footscray
  • HO12 War service homes heritage area Maribyrnong
  • HO13 William Angliss worker housing estate heritage area Footscray
  • HO14 Yarraville civic and commercial heritage area Yarraville
  • HO15 Yarraville residential heritage area Yarraville.

How will this affect heritage places?

The Incorporated Plan will have little impact on the appearance of heritage place. Heritage consultants were engaged to identify minor works that could be exempt from planning permit process that would not impact on the heritage significant and appearance of a place. In most instances the changes will not be visible from the street.

Current Status (February 2020)

Amendment approved and gazetted

On 9 December 2019 the Minister for Planning approved Amendment C147 to the Maribyrnong Planning scheme. The Amendment was then gazetted on 16 January 2020, bringing changes to the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme into effect.

Prior to approval and gazettal, on 19 February 2019 Council considered the report prepared by the independent Planning Panel appointed by the Minister for Planning to consider Amendment C147. Council resolved to adopt Amendment C147 subject to some minor changes, consistent with the Panel's recommendations.

The approved and gazetted amendment documents, the Panel Report and Council Report may be downloaded below.

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