Planning Scheme Amendment C155 - Administrative Amendment

Amendment C155 was undertaken to remove three redundant planning controls and keep the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme up-to-date. The overlays were the Development Plan Overlay Schedule 1 (DPO1), Development Contributions Overlay Schedules 2 and 6 (DCPO2 and DCPO6).


DPO1 applied to all land generally bounded by Warrs Street, Horizon Drive, and 7 Fabien Court in Maribyrnong.

DCPO2 applied to all land generally bounded by the Maribyrnong River, Ashley Street, Ballarat Road and Farnsworth Avenue.

DCPO6 applied to all land generally bounded by Sunshine Road, Ashley Street, Suffolk Street, Thompson Street, Ballarat Road, Farnsworth Avenue, Maribyrnong River, Francis Street, Hyde Street, Westgate Freeway, Cawley Road, Hardie Road, Cemetery Road, Geelong Road, and the Newport-Sunshine Railway Line.

Refer to the Council report(PDF, 904KB) for location plans.

About the Amendment

The Amendment changed the Planning Scheme by:

  • Deleting Schedule 1 to the Development Plan Overlay from Clause 43.04
  • Deleting Schedule 2 and Schedule 6 to the Development Contributions Plan Overlay from Clause 45.06
  • Deleting Planning Scheme Maps 01DCPO, 02DCPO, 04DCPO, 05DCPO, 06DCPO, 07DCPO, 08DCPO, 10DCPO, 11DCPO, and 12DCPO.
  • Amending the Schedule to Clause 72.03 to remove the associated Maps.
  • Amending the Schedule to Clause 72.04 to remove DCP2 and DCP6 from the list of Incorporated Documents.

On 11 December 2018, Council resolved to request the Minister for Planning to prepare and approve Amendment C155 through a fast track process. The amendment was exempted from exhibition and notification requirements, pursuant to Section 20A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. 


The amendment was prepared and approved by the Minister for Planning and came into effect on 23 May 2019. Please refer to Planning Scheme Amendments Online for the approved documentation.

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