Footscray Park Masterplan

Footscray Park is the premier park in the City of Maribyrnong, home to some of the City's main festivals and events, and a primary open space destination for community recreation and enjoyment. 

In 2019 a Community Advisory Group was formed to review proposed adjustments to the Footscray Park Masterplan 2011(PDF, 32MB) and the group's recommendation to continue the implementation of the 2011 masterplan was agreed.

The Footscray Park Masterplan 2011 incorporates a range of actions to improve the access, use and amenity of this remarkable parkland. 

 Footscray Park is registered as a Historic Place in Victoria due to its significance as the largest and most intact Edwardian garden in the State.  It's design excellence, stone structures and ponds and rich plant collection are recognised for their aesthetic and historical importance.

The Masterplan Vision for Footscray Park is: "A people's park where the Park's heritage, landscape and recreational assets are once again the focus of life in Maribyrnong.'

The Objectives of the Masterplan are:


Protect, conserve and manage the Park's heritage assets and character for the long term benefit of the community.


Strengthen connections to and within the Park to enhance its visual, physical and cultural accessibility.


Increase the range of cultural, recreational and sporting opportunities to attract a wider audience to value and appreciate the Park.

Landscape character

Build on the existing Park character - the open lawns of the flood plain set against the verdant, exotic heritage gardens - by considered placement of a diverse range of native and exotic plans that reflect the cultural and natural processes of the site.  Ensure new structures and features are integrated with and respect this existing character.


Improve community and general awareness of the Park by implementing a range of promotional actions.

Visitor Facilities

Provide a range of Park facilities to enhance the experience of the gardens and diversify the use of the river frontage.


Manage the Park's assets through plant selection, the sue of recycled and reusable materials, harvesting site water for reuse and best practice maintenance.

Recent projects in Footscray Park will have seen the staged implementation of the Masterplan include:

  • New all-abilities regional playspace and public toilet
  • Additional sheltered barbecue and picnic facilities along the river trail
  • Stair and path connection to Mills Close
  • Formalisation of the Maribyrnong Boulevard carpark and transplant of mature palms from under the high voltage power lines
  • Gateway signage at the Moore Street entrance