Naturestrip Landscape Policy and Guidelines

Naturestrip Landscape Policy

Council supports residents wanting to develop an alternative to a grass naturestrip at their own cost.

Alternatives to a grass naturestrip could be sought because:

  • Some residents are unable to maintain a grass naturestrip.
  • It provides residents with a choice about the type of naturestrip they have.
  • There are some environmental advantages of a planted naturestrip.

Council will permit residents to plant alternatives to grassed naturestrips in front of their residence, subject to the issuing of a permit in accordance with Council's Naturestrip Landscape Policy and Guidelines which are available for download below.

Plant selection

It is important that appropriate plants be selected when considering naturestrip landscaping to ensure that pedestrian and road user safety are not compromised.

To assist with appropriate plant selection the Policy and Guidelines contain a list of suggested plants for you to consider.

Applying for a permit

To apply for a Naturestrip Landscape Permit, complete the application form that is contained within the Policy and Guidelines below.

The application will require applicants to provide the details of the proposed plants to be used, the number of each plant to be used and a sketch of the proposal.

Photographs of the naturestrip area in its current condition can also be provided in support of applications.

More information

For more information regarding naturestrip landscaping contact Council's Recreation and Open Space team on 9688 0200 or send an email to